Sadhana Misal Price-Review of Nashik No 01 Misal

Sadhana Misal Price (Chulivarchi Misal) -Review of Nashik No 01 Misal

Nashik Best Misal Chulivarchi Misal – Sadhana Misal

Sadhana Misal has been serving its famous Misal for more than five decades and is a favorite among the locals and visitors to Nashik alike. The eatery was started in 1957.

Sadhana Misal, also known as Chulivarchi Misal, is a hot spicy curry with some farsaan. One pot contained two curries, onion and lemon, a large Papad, two sizes of jumbo Pavs and a very small container of curd. With Curry Extra, I took Misal with two other beans. The owners said they cook it with their own masala, which makes it rare and spicy.

Sadhana Misal is a popular and iconic breakfast spot in Nashik, a city located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. The eatery is known for its delicious and authentic Misal, a spicy Maharashtrian breakfast dish made with sprouted lentils, onion, tomato, and a spicy gravy.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Sadhana Misal is its unique and spicy Misal. The dish is made with sprouted lentils, also known as ‘matki,’ which are cooked with a special spice mix to give it a distinctive taste. The Misal is served with freshly chopped onion, coriander, and a slice of lemon. It is typically eaten with Pav, a type of bread, and is a filling and satisfying breakfast option

Sadhana Misal through an article about a food enthusiast in newspapers and spontaneously decided to have a family breakfast with Sadhana this coming weekend.
Located on the outskirts of the city, Sadhana offers the audience a very unique urban environment. Sadhana is spread over a vast land, surrounded by serene greenery and tall trees. They have semi-open booths with individual tables, beautifully designed and woven into the landscape… I have never experienced this arrangement for Misal Pav before, so it is the only one of its kind in Nashik.
Coming to the soul of the restaurant, this wood-fired organic misal served with Papad and cheese… What a place.. Smokey Misal Pav that tastes heavenly… Couldn’t trust our family’s curd n papads. repeats of misal… The hearty n filling meal of Misal Pav.
After posting the food, we enjoyed the dark chocolate dipped Paan along with several other wonderful varieties.. I like it now, although I was never a big fan of eating Paan…
I even went around and met the friendly owners. and they showed us around Chul where they make organic Missal. A wonderful set. Good and friendly staff…

Sadhana Misal has become a part of Nashik’s culinary culture and is an essential stop for foodies visiting the city. The eatery has a no-frills ambiance, with simple tables and chairs, and is always bustling with customers. The service is quick, and the staff is friendly and efficient.

Apart from Misal, Sadhana Misal also offers other popular Maharashtrian breakfast dishes like Poha, Upma, Sabudana Khichdi, and Batata Vada. However, it is the Misal that remains the main attraction for food lovers.

Over the years, Sadhana Misal has become an institution in Nashik, and its legacy has been carried forward by the third generation of the Kolhapure family. The eatery has received numerous accolades and awards, including being featured on several food shows and magazines.

In conclusion, Sadhana Misal is an iconic and must-visit breakfast spot in Nashik. It offers a unique and spicy Misal that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. The eatery’s legacy and popularity are a testament to the delicious food and efficient service that it offers. If you are ever in Nashik, make sure to stop by Sadhana Misal and experience its delicious Misal and other Maharashtrian breakfast dishes.

With such a unique concept to boast of, the place is naturally crowded on weekends, but thanks to the well-thought-out floor plan, the tables are far enough apart that you and your family have a private space to enjoy your time. together …
A fortress with an exciting atmosphere, where the smell of bright flavors fills the air. Designed for a village environment, In addition to all this, there is a very beautiful selfie spot of open umbrellas on the tree branches, although they have started ox, camel and horse rides.

Totally in love with the presentation and concept, I have been visiting Sadhana every now n then and will definitely continue to do so… Keep up the great work Team Sadhana..


Friday8 am–3 pm
Saturday7 am–3 pm
Sunday7am–3 pm
Monday8 am–3 pm
Tuesday8 am–3 pm
Wednesday8 am–3 pm
Thursday8 am–3 pm

Address- Hardev Baug, Gangapur – Satpur Link Rd, near Someshwar, Bardan Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222

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